Reflections on a new leadership and coaching journey…

…I have never thought it possible to learn enough in this life journey and this same approach guided me into accepting the Leadership Training and Coaching Course for a whole entire year! Having reflected on the previous courses I have been a part of, this particular course started on an amazing note for me. I totally loved meeting the sisters from different parts of Southern Africa. There is not a single moment I lived, during the induction phase, and did not enjoy, from the venue, the connections, reflections and future possibilities.

The preparations
The invitation to be part of the team that was walking the leadership coaching and training journey left me feeling humbled and excited at the same time. I was at a point in my life journey where I needed some sort of inspiration. I loved the idea that with fellow young sisters, we would be able to introspect and begin working on ourselves to be come better people through understanding ourselves and how we work. Leading up to the induction meeting, I was left torn apart within. The reason was because I had to forego a political participation meeting scheduled prior because this feminist space meant the world to me. However, I never regretted my decision to be part of the course.

The connections
The whole induction was bliss for me but what stood out was the part when we did reflections on our lives as sisters. Just having all the sisters share their journey and what they truly aspire to see happening left me with a sense of hope and comfort. I was left hopeful that we are all yearning for the better as we tread through life. Comforting in that as young leaders, we all have our struggles but that has not made us give up. The challenges we face have left for us with a very strong urge to soldier on and work towards achieving our dreams. At different levels of the induction, I had the privilege of chatting with various sisters and this resulted in strong connections with sisters from other countries and spaces,. Other’s realities made me reflect on my own reality and discover the joy of gratitude as I realized that I am not alone and that other young sisters are at more or less the same level in terms of embracing their lived realities and charting how to proceed.

The return back home
The induction left me energized and wanted me to do more for myself so that I could become a more effective person. I did work very hard to ensure that whatever I had to do I would do but soon learnt that this leadership journey is not as easy as I had anticipated. For example, I had wanted to do my blog as soon as I returned but alas, I failed. Initially I beat myself about it but figured that I had to do more than that and sit down, own up and do what I had to. I am more conscious about my behavior and myself and do look forward to the change. Nothing seems too difficult or elusive, I am enjoying each fall because as I get up I realize the energy and hope of making a difference in mine and others live – the journey and reflections continue…


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