Towards essence…



Recently I had my second session with my coach and I was forced to revisit my childhood. It was one of the hardest things I have had to deal with and I am not sure why but I guess I had never looked at that stage of my life with such a renewed sense of insight! It meant going back to some of the most dramatic and difficult times of my life yet very progressive and growth enabling as well. Not that I want to come up with a pity story for everyone to sympathize with me, not at all. The issue is that sometimes as a leader I have often been curious about some of the things I do, think and even exude. This reflection helped me understand this notion even more deeply. It was after I spoke to Alicia (who is an amazing Life coach one could ever want, maybe because she is my life coach, hahaha!) that I realized the need to spend less time in my head and more time in my heart. And right there is my reflection for this week!


Duality: That is when who we truly are growing towards is constantly fighting with the go so we that even though we are not yet there as leaders, we desire to be yet we live with this constant battle of what we should reveal as our true selves. Having to learn that I have to watch my ego and bring that together with my lived realities so that I become a balanced person is the greatest challenge ever to be faced. And so as I was saying, I am constantly digging deeper and trying to understand what exactly happened in my childhood that shaped me to become what I am today. With that in my, I am beginning to experience pain but at a much deeper level, sadness that ends in tears of joy and learning to embrace the many lived realities so that there is no duality but a growth towards “Essence”. This means that I am conscious and aware of who I am, what I truly feel and how I can own those feelings and become a much more brilliant leader. It is about understanding that every moment of my childhood was a chapter of life that has determined who I am today but is does not end there as I continue to grow. Some of it is and was bad but most of it was wonderful enough to leave me a somewhat well balanced me. However, it is those negative aspects that I need to manage and ensure that whatever I do I will treat myself with love, compassion and sincerity so as to become an ever better leader.


Childhood experiences, the ego and growing towards essence – these are my reflections for the next month as I take on new challenges as a leader. I am loving the transformation and excited yet, I have an uncomfortable fear of the future that is however steering me forward. However, with positivity, hope and patience, I will stand strong and firm as I learn to unlearn and relearn other aspects of life. I will do my very best to focus and learn through this journey called life and I call each one of us as sisters, brothers, grandmothers or however you identify yourself as to do just that. The next time we feel confused and not sure what is going on, that is the time to remember issues around duality and what we can do to transform our lives and grow towards “essesnce”…















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