My Spirituality

I have for a while now been reflecting on what spirituality is all about for me. Is it about church? The people who go there? Is it rather about the way I view myself in relation to creation and how that relates to my maker? Well, there could be many responses to attempt to respond to that. One thing that I have come to realize is that my spirituality is a broad aspect of many things that have to do with me being here, today, now and how I can make a difference in relation to the time I have as a resident here on earth knowing fully well that one day I shall no longer be able to do what I wish to do.


Spirituality I have come to realize even more has nothing to do with how I attend church gatherings but more with how I conduct myself daily and how I relate to the world around me. It has to do with respecting the person I am and realizing that when I chose to love myself and live in the very moment, I will be doing myself a great deal of good. This will in turn surely affect a great deal of good in other people and this means sheer joy knowing that happiness is but an elusive concept. Simply put, spirituality is closely related to loving the self and cutting thyself some slack enough to realize that this is it and we all have to make the most of the time we have before we die.


By loving the myself I can surely be able to walk a journey that enables me to relate with my Creator and define Who God is to and for me, what God expects of our relationship in relation to my environment – the people, animals and many other things. This means I ought to respect myself and others enough to be present and enjoy each moment. Spirituality has to do with me embracing the notion that I am more than my body but that I have a spirit and a soul as well. This means I feel and experience emotions. I am celebrating a life as a spirit form. Oh my, there are just so many realizations I am excited merely recalling all those amazing lessons I leant as I walked the spirituality journey. I am glad I walked it and still am treading the path.  


As I write this, I am swelling with excitement knowing that no matter what church looks like or even feels like, it is but a mere fraction of my spirituality. I am excited that I chose to relate with love, compassion, care, concern and being present as I live life. I decide to be in constant touch with my Creator knowing that I am in safe hands. It is with such relief that I discover I am alive and joyous to the many realities I am faced with daily, understanding that no matter what it feels like, God has my back and this realization is a result of exploring my spirituality as I continue to do. Might sound abstract but hey, this concept of spirituality is abstract until you explore it for you and make it your reality! Enjoy the ride, your ride….Image


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