Peace in the midst of turmoil

 Initially, I had wanted to attend the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women but as the days towards the conference drew close, I developed cold feet because there was just so much work to be done. However when one of my newly found strategic partners offered to fund the trip, I just thought it would be noble that I attended and besides there is always loads of networking plus learning to do. Si I took up the offer with a heavy heart because I did not want to travel due to weather issues, work, family and other commitments. The trip in New York has been good but on about the tenth day, I forgot my backpack with many of my documents including my passport on one of the subway trains. Now, I have always prided myself with how diligent I can be and have attempted to encourage even my family to do the same. When I got off that train and realized I had forgotten my backpack many, many minutes later, it surprised me a whole lot. However, the next few days would be critical learning moments for me.

 During my trip, I was travelling with two amazing sisters and when I realized I had lost my backpack, they helped me report to the police and do what we could it being a weekend. The lesson here was that a support system is always critical during moments of weakness. Sometimes we suffer from life challenges but having supportive support systems of sisters, parents, siblings and all sorts is important. The words of affirmation, encouragement, the love and support made my weekend lighter as I waited to further report about the mishap.

Having to work with the Zimbabwean Consulate located in Washington DC and New York proved a HUGE challenge but in the midst of it all, I met the most amazing people who gave me so much support. Although I am still waiting for my documents as I write this, I am hopeful I will receive them. My faith in humanity was once again boosted as I treaded from office to office trying to process an emergency travel document. People can be so wonderful and I must say there were moments I dropped a tear because I was just overwhelmed with the understanding and support to get me home. People can be so amazing, keep that as a form of encourage when you meet nasty people.

 I was harassed by one of the New York Police Department sisters who were supposed to help me process my police report. Oh by the way, forget the hot hunks and wonderful sisters we watch on Rookie Blue and all – that glitz and glamour – that’s the movies! It was a horrible experience having to be dragged through the dehumanizing talk and yet because I needed help I had to swallow the chill pill. However, there were moments I lost it and must admit again I cried at how one human could subject another to such painful treatment. Eventually I did get my police report. I leant that what you see in the movies is sheer entertainment, lol! I also learnt that in life it does not matter what your heart may be or where it lies, there are some nasty people out there but one has to hang on to whatever peace they can find within to live through the rough patches. It is possible to be calm despite the storm that surrounds.

Finally, it was good that in the midst of all this madness, I had a session with my life coach., Alicia. I was shocked at the peace I had within and I shared with her how I had just learnt to let go and live in the present and do what I can. Letting go and knowing that a much higher Power had my back was how I handled this situation. This kind of of reminded me of how despite the very many challenges I was facing, I was able to still stand and be at peace in the midst of the turmoil. My body was still sick from whenever and whatever, I had lost my backpack, been through grief with the police officer and yet in the midst of all that, I still remained peaceful, for 90% of the time. On refection, it’s called alignment. When I chose to let go, maintain a healthy lifestyle and live in the present that put me at a different level. I remember telling Alicia that I was tempted to fret over the peacefulness because maybe, just maybe I was supposed to be worried and yet I wasn’t. Well, the lesson there again is let go, be present, breath and live. I must say the trip is almost over and I am looking forward to going home and seeing what I can do with my life after that even as I begin to record my dreams in a brand new journal. A new start maybe, we shall see and keep hoping that one day I will be united with my old journal, backpack and passport!


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