Attempting the fine balance – Body, mind and Soul matters

Chaos is a state of mind. It affects the body. It distorts the soul. Sometimes there are so many things going through my head and I wonder whether it is my mind that seems to have so much racing through it or am I insane or even both! Sometimes I will express my thoughts, which is often, whilst other times I simply chose to remain in silence. However, no matter the state of my external being, my mind is forever active. My friend once told me that once my mind stops thinking then am dead and surely that was truth. Today, my mind keeps reflecting on this thing about alignment of body, soul and mind. I chose to share with you once again my insights on what I have learnt on aligning myself and what it means to me.


Since August 2013, I have been adhering to a strict regime of an active life. I love my trainer loads, Eveone because she is a sister and her exercise studio is mainly women only except for Saturdays where there is touch of testosterone – which can be a good thing when the men are not too busy checking you out or showing off who is the fittest fiddle. That being said, this routine has been very hard and sometimes even excruciatingly painful I don’t want to get out of bed. However, I have stuck to it with a rate of 80% and am enjoying the fruit of my labour. One, which is that I no longer use my inhaler as much as I used to prior to starting this programme and have since, had only two asthmatic attacks compared to the almost everyday phenomenon. Taking care of the body that serves me as I live life is worth every moment. When I don’t care for my body, I get sick and this has been so evident in many ways. I also love the burst of energy and peacefulness that comes with every workout. The benefits of a good body tone and even networks are a plus as well. Eating right with a balanced ratio of at least 40-60 (60 being the healthy eating habits) is something I will urge us all to do. It is hard but worth every pain! Am sure drinking the right amount of water for your body can be helpful in the soothing process.


Recently during my monthly session with Alicia, I was urged to buy a book by Louisa Hays – Heal Your Body (and I hope that author and title are right). I discovered that the dis-ease we feel in our bodies is a result of unhealthy mindsets that we have dragged with us for time immemorial. In other words, our body will reveal what we keep in our minds and when we chose to let go of mindsets that lead us to dis-ease, the body finds it own healing. Interesting indeed. So things like anger, bitterness, low self-esteem, poor self-image, rejection, pain and yes whatever you are thinking, actually lead to sickness. Somewhere in the course of my passion for reading I did also come across the notion that whatever we think, whether we think we can or cannot, we are right. The mind is a powerful source when harnessed well. I have chosen to think happy thoughts and channel myself back to that positive space even when things do not seem to be going the way I want them to. After all who am i in the greater scheme of things, i just need to stop fretting and let life take its course. i am not saying be complacent, just live in the present moment. Recently I battled with insomnia and did not sleep for over 24 hours and my body started its usual reporting. I went to lie down and told my mind I had to sleep and empty all the noise, thoughts, planning, blah, blah and it worked. The mind makes or breaks us so it is important we are conscious of its patterns especially the more unhealthy ones and we work through shifting our mindsets.


Anger has been an emotion that I struggled to harness for a very long time. Maybe that’s my inspiration for becoming an activist so I channel this energy force into something good. My point here simply being that the soul needs to keep a healthy emotional balance. It is ok to be angry, sad, happy, excited just to mention but a few emotions. What I think is even more critical is how to manage these emotions. Keeping a diary of my emotions has helped – like the anger journal, also journaling about my lived experiences be it electronically or otherwise has also helped me a great deal. I have deliberately chosen not to despair, be anxious or live in fear for I noticed that this only paralyzes me to inaction. So the calmer I have learnt to be, the better my relationship, effectiveness and productivity. Its not a walk in the park but am grateful for every victory and learn from each and every relapse.

 As we progress

Keeping the three, body, mind and soul aligned is the greatest challenge because most of us tend to care for one and ignore the others or work on two and forget the other. It is when we find for ourselves some personal balancing ways that we begin to live life to the fullest. Doing what I can a day at a time to make sure that I live my life within my fullest potential through working on a healthy balance of my body, soul and mind is essential to my life quality. So for me this means talking to strangers as a form of random acts of kindness, establishing a workout routine that works for me, meditating, nature walks, spending time with my family, blogging, journaling, loving my friends, writing poetry and so on. I will do what works for me so I don’t end up non-aligned. I DO WHAT WORKS FOR ME. Look for your own pattern(s) and establish your effective routine. We might not get it right always but like my trainer says, “no matter how slow you go, you are WAY better than the one who is sitted at home doing absolutely nothing!” Let us hold hands as we chart new territory and align ourselves body, mind and soul…




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