Learning to let go

I totally loved going to South Africa and meeting with the other sisters as we traced our steps in this journey of life coaching and mentorship – POWER UP! Somehow the energy was high and hope so alive I could almost touch it. It was refreshing and safe. I could not have hoped for a better space. Just being able to sit with sisters and empty my heart as I witnessed my own growth and that of others made me realize that we all have struggles and it takes individual will power to step up and power up in order to become the best we can ever be. It was a thrilling experience and will be treasured for life!


As I reflected on my journey thus far, I could not but help notice how much I have grown over the last six months. A breath of fresh air fills my lungs as I inhale deeply and relax in satisfaction at the many fears I have overcome, the little building blocks I have put up and the hope there is for even more room to grow. I continue to struggle though with vulnerability. I am constantly aware that I have to take steps towards growing that area of me. Grace is learning to let go and let be which is such a big deal for a Type 8 personality. I am confident that the more I am conscious of how I feel and making the choice to acknowledge those feelings and deciding how to act is vital. I am learning that sometimes it is not always the best to act on the emotions, sometimes is enough to acknowledge these emotions, especially negative, exist and I sit through as I experience them. Recently I learnt that by acknowledging how I feel and letting the cycle take its course, I grow into a more balanced person. I continue to grow and look forward to more days of vulnerability and experiencing the sadness, gloom, boredom, anger and all sorts. For I know it is through living through these emotions to the fullest that I can also embrace the flip side, which is the good emotions of happiness, love and peace. I look ahead with so much anticipation, hope and excitement to a moment where I do not have to think to feel but just feel and live life to the full. It takes consciousness and being present to the moment. I am present.



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