Money Magic reflections

The month of May 2014 seemed to have flown past for me as I struggled to grapple with my very many lived realities. I loved the module on Money magic, for money maketh all things easier they once explained. For some reason or the other as well, I did discover quite a few insights about money that could be reminders or simple fact that I will hold dear to my life. Before I share the insights, it would be suffice to say that during the month of May, I watched a documentary about Warren Buffet, one of the richest man alive today (according to whatever ranking they use to establish wealthiest people to walk the earth). The insights I got from this man’s life resonated with many things from the module Money Magic and my own lived realities. Anyways, here we go…


  1. Money is critical to make a difference in so many ways. When I have financial resources that come from a constant and reliable source, it makes it somewhat easier to do things in life for me and those around me.


  1. I need to have a healthy relationship with money. When I become desperate and needy about and for money somehow, money just finds her way to someone else’s pocket who is a better “lover” than ME. I then learnt to respect money so that its becomes a cooperating partner (this partner is still to explore whatever aspect of me to enable us to work amicable and co-beneficially!)


  1. Debt is something is looming right there in front of me. When I decide to go free flow with expenditure without necessarily replenishing my income base debt could become my best friend. Obvious fact right? Well, not really. In a world that is competitive and often offering all sorts of get-rich-quick schemes and instant solutions. One could easily be lured to jump in and open credit accounts and get items on zero percent deposit and in the end spend money one has never had. The result debt and this reality is facing each of us in the eye daily. I therefore was reminded of one of the greatest life lessons I have ever come across, be content.


  1. Money is not the ultimate with vocation. Doing what I love is more important but also being responsible enough to make the necessary income to balance out my needs and of course my wants here and there.


These four insights have reignited my passion for money and the journey I have embarked is one that will facilitate for a fresh relationship with money that will be healthier and more fulfilling. It is not necessarily loving money but loving what it can facilitate for to make life easier and more enjoyable at so many levels. I look forward to each step of this journey and the fulfillment it will bring. Lets raise our eyebrows to making money and enjoying the fruits!


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