I look at my face in the mirror,

I look like me, still me

I reflect on the journey I have walked and realize that,

I have indeed come from afar

The distance is long, winding confusing and sometimes scary

The journey has been worthwhile and fulfilling


Travelling the introspective journey is never easy

It is like looking in the mirror and being shocked

What sometimes shocks me is the sister staring at me

Her joys, her sorrows, her tears, her struggles

Yet she still stands and keeps her head held high

No matter the tide, she can and yes, she will go on!


I will never give up on me, never a single moment

It matters not where I have come from, although it is so far

What matters most is where I am going, charting ahead

I will keep my eyes on the ball, focus and not lose sight

I will hold dear to the lessons that each moment brings

I will NEVER stop learning about myself – it is very vital


Once we stop learning we die, our newness dissolves

It is critical to be present, to experience the NOW

That alertness and awareness to now, this very moment

That is exactly what keeps us alive, conscious, awake

That is what grounds us to the NOW, this

Forever I will strive to be present

Until my last breath, I WILL LIVE LIFE!


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