Becoming militant….

So recently I met with a group of young sisters and we agreed that without becoming militant this patriarchal system would forever stand. The reason there has been transformation in this world is because of a couple of individuals who have taken it upon themselves to resist certain forms of the patriarchal system and have devoted their lives to facilitating for a radical shift of events such that lives are transformed and many degrees of change are realized. This is what we agreed collectively:

1. There is power in numbers so when as a growing sister I feel there is need for change, by mobilizing and working with other like-minded sisters, there is a certain solidarity that is realized. This means that we ought to discover what it is that stimulates us into action, we identify others who feel the same and we combine our energy to see that we stimulate change. No matter how small the change might be, it is indeed change and should be celebrated so as to be inspired for future organising

2. There is a huge difference between, gender activism, women’s rights activism and feminist organizing. Having learnt that, there is need to facilitate for a process of knowing and understanding that feminism has to do with a certain degree of radicalism which desires to see an equally radical shift in systems so that women have equal access to power and many other things. This means that a feminist knowing gives one a certain understanding that stimulates the urgent need to see change…that alone is a must have in order to witness women’s development agenda advanced.

3. Lastly, there is more to transforming the world than making names, money and all the drama that comes with being a leader. However, the truth of the matter is that if we are to make a meaningful change to this world as growing feminist leaders, there is need to revisit our relationship with money. It surely is a basic requirement for women’s issues to be enhanced. The more of us with the necessary financial resources and voice, the better the agenda will be defined for women’s issues.

We left the reflective space daring to go out in the world and leave our own mark, one breath, life and action at a time. There has never been a greater time than this to transform realities…let us do what we can and not stop! Aluta continua


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