Being one with our values – redefining integrity

This morning I saw something that got me reflecting on how my life has been and how I am actually living my life. The words spoke to something to do with living life harmoniously with one’s personal values. It got me thinking of how so many times we fear to be ourselves because we often feel like we will be misunderstood, disliked, judged. We fear too that we will not survive and will become outcasts. In her e-book about “awakening the inner activist”, Shamilliah noted that at some point in our childhood, we are taught to survive society but all at the expense of our inner voice, creativity, intuition, strength and so on. These words too came to mind as I was reflecting on life, what integrity means and what am doing. I am glad I used my headspace usefully and linked my reflection to the heart space as well. This is what I concluded:

1. We are our won individuals. Sometimes we want to be a groupie and there is nothing wrong. However, from the many spaces I have been blessed to be a party of, I have realized that sometimes we belong at the expense of what we are truly about. We become part of a group because we fear the unknown and yet at the very heart of what we will be experiencing, there is this deep longing to be our selves. I decided beyond any reasonable doubt that I will seek to strengthen my inner voice, power, strength and whatever I have going on in the inside so that, when I belong to a space, I know what I want, what I bring and when I feel the time is ripe to let go, I will do so without any reservations

2. We all have personal values. I am so BIG on the inner person, who I am, what I hold dear, believe in and so on comes from within. It is thus critical to get my internal space in order before I attempt to explore the outside environment. To be centred, connected to me and be at peace. I mean it is critical for each of us to have a set of personal values, goals and objectives that we define for ourselves. This will help you and me know what we want and have an idea of how we can navigate life and above all get value for who we are. I will indeed work on principle and let life be, take me where I am to be and learn as I go. I will hold onto my personal values, which I define for me as Grace.

3. Lastly, living my values. Sometimes we have these many contradictions that come with the choices we make and what we choose to mean something to us. For example, I identify myself as a feminist but the world has its own stereotypes and view on feminists. There are also many contradictions that come with being a feminist. Until and unless I come to a point where I interact with these contradictions and make a personal understanding of what that all means for me then, the aspect of living out my values becomes a laborious effort. Therefore, I will chose my values and live them, as I understand them, with an open mind but also knowing what holds meaning for me as a person.

Ubuntu is about community, about holding hands and making sure we all learn from each other and make life the very best from what we each bring to this life. The first insight is that I have to know ME, understand ME, so that I am clear about what I bring to “us”. When we live with freedom of accepting who we are and what we are all about, I am hopeful we begin a process of harmonious co-existence. HAPPY LIVING TO EACH OF US!


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