Discovering, becoming and being The Essential self

I am super duper excited because I had one of my last sessions with Alicia and we both reflected and celebrated the progress made in the past year. As a Type 8 personality, there are quite a lot of things that I have grown to be and loving where I am going. Like I did mention in one of my last blogs, there have been laughs, smiles, tears, pain but all this was worthwhile as I grew in so many ways that I do appreciate even up to now. I am working on my mantra that will surely totally revolutionize my life even further. Alicia was very helpful and helped make my life easy by providing some of the things I ought to verbalize as I affirm myself and the mine of goodness I am. As always I thought it worthwhile to share it with you and explore what we both can learn from my last session. This is what I will keep reminding myself:

My presence matters – Now is what is relevant, important and most precious

It is safe to be in the world – nothing and no one is after “getting me”, this world is safe and therefore I can live life knowing that I AM OK!

My security lies within – My strength is inside me, from my soul, my spirit and once I access that inner power, that power within, I HAVE THIS!

My fulfillment exists in experiencing the exquisiteness of the here and now – I will experience life second by second and miss any of it so i chose to be fully conscious at ALL times

Being vulnerable is the source of my true strength – I CANNOT do everything by myself, I need the help of others and I WILL ASK FOR HELP when I need it and without hesitation. I ask myself “What do I need?” and I ask for help

It is not my responsibility to fix everything – I AM NOT SUPER WOMAN! Sometimes I have to look, check in and say “not my monkey, not my circus”. Really it is none of my business even though it moves me and THINK I have to help. I will understand that we all have strength to overcome or battles at a personal level so I will send positive energy and get on with MY life.

How others see me is none of my business – Oh indeed, I am not the image of what others think but they look at me from their own reality and it is ok but should not make me feel the pressure to change in order to be “acceptable” within their prescription and description. I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDEFFULLY MADE and that on its on is worth me living within and for my purpose exercising my gifts, realizing my potential and living MY LIFE to the very fullest.

The beautiful quality of my life is based on small ordinary moments – I just cannot afford to miss the beauty of the moment. I will embrace each moment and make the most of it knowing that once I lose it I CANNOT recover it. I will live life, gratefully, beautifully and passionately!

Blissful internal journey this has been. Thank you Alicia, thank you OSISA, Oh sisy Alice, Tsitsi, my most amazing POWER UP! Sisters, may you be blessed and grow in your life path as we continue to learn, love and live! Let us shake our booty to more growth….I LOVE YOU, THIS JOURNEY AND WHAT I AM BECOMING…ALWAYS!


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