Love thy neighbour…

Today I felt a deep wave of love. I have been sick as I recently had a hysterectomy – 22 December 2014 to be precise. Well as is the tradition when one is unwell and hospitalized or even at home recuperating, visitors come to wish you well. I have had tremendous support from my partner, mother, mother in law, sisters, cousins, brothers, church folk and all corners. I am grateful for their most wonderful support and this has undoubtedly led to a much speedy recovery. However, today one of my mothers workmates came to visit me. This meant a lot to me because this is not the CEO or Management – it is a guy that works with my mothers and helps with the various domestic chores they handle. Not that I think any less of him because of his work. It was an unannounced visit but with so much love, care and concern. This inspired me to write my first blog of 2015 as I had many insights to share.

1. Show love
In a world where it is rather difficult to love as love is confused with sex and money plus many deformed forms, it is critical to show people love – genuine love that is as clear as crystal and pure as gold. Not monetary or physical. It is the kind of love that just says you are there and it doesn’t matter the past, present or future. It is about availing oneself and ensuring that the love is expressed to the intended person. This man visited me, I do not even know his last name, I do not even know him beyond his child’s name – Baba Prim – but his visit started a conversation into understanding him more and learning about him and his lived realities. He showed me love that brought tears to my eyes and I will show others the same love.

2. Beginning anew
Many times we fear change, we desire the status quo as change makes us uncomfortable for many reasons and especially fear of the unknown. As I sat there listening to Baba Prim share his life story, I was strengthened to want to begin anew. Whatever it is one faces, I realized that one can start afresh. He told me that he lost his 3-year-old child in June 2014 and how that has been difficult for his wife and him yet, they have managed to live through it. I was encouraged by his hope, his love and passion for life. We can all start afresh and it doesn’t matter what we have been through, how painful it has been or what we feel. There is always hope for a better and brighter tomorrow. And whilst we are there, bitterness is not our portion as we chart new territory and begin anew! We learn lessons, move on and live well not blaming the world for our misfortunes. Life is a journey full of so many great lessons to equip us for tomorrow.

3. Faith
Baba Prim told me that he didn’t know the exact extent of my physical pain but that whatever it is that I was going through, God is in charge and will help me through it. He shared that in his own life, he has hit many hurdles including being hit by a car and managed to get away unscathed. He reassured me that God is the only Giver of life and that He will fight some unseen battles for me. This man’s simplicity of faith is just too profound for me to even fathom. He is so confident in his God not as a concept but as an experiential Higher Power. We need faith as we tread this journey called life. It is that hope and reassurance of what we cannot see and yet we are confident of it as if it is a reality. Faith helps us live this life Well with a God we experience in every breath.

My life will never be the same as a result of this man’s visit. He did mention that he had not brought me anything but, to me, he brought more than words of inspiration in this random act of kindness. Baba Prim brought life lessons, insights and a love so pure it has catapulted me to love others at a much higher levels. Let us go out there and love people…remember everyone has a story that you know not of so let us cut others some slack and love more than we judge. Happy loving people, as I get better and chat soon…


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