Reflections for May Day

Today is 1 May 2017. It is a public holiday in many countries as we acknowledge those who toil day and night to make ends meet. Despite the notion of it being part of a capitalist notion, it is here and so we think what we can in reflection of this day. My mind is going crazy thinking of the young men and women we have in this world.

I am working with young people across the world and those who support this same cause. The truth is there is much more contraction than before. In as much as technology has made advancement in many forms, the truth is that young people’s lives still remain a whole bunch of pain, confusion and is defined by poverty. Many laws and policies have been put forward and yet nothing much has been done to show political will to make these a reality and transform the lives of young men and young women. I am hurt. In a world where more than half of the world’s population is regarded to be young people, where are we getting it wrong? The UN who put forth this figure also project that this figure will keep raising and yet very little is being done to proffer meaningful homemade solutions especially for the global south. Heartbreaking indeed. However, today is not a day to keep mourning, today I will say a few notes to bring hope as we move forward.

What can we do from whatever little corner we hail from:

  1. Acknowledge, as young people we are diverse but there is power in our diversity. We can stand up together and amplify the voices of young people – stand in solidarity with them and help make a difference.
  2. Offer equal opportunities to young people no matter their race, sex, sexual orientation and reality. We each have a responsibility to give whatever we can to support these young lives. Help create sustainable livelihoods for young people. Let us begin to speak decent work and be part of transforming the realities so young men and young women.
  3. Prioritizing health and especially sexual reproductive heath and rights. It is said that without health it is almost impossible to achieve anything because it is our bodies that offer us the movement. With young women it is especially important so make sure they have their sexual rights respect and protected at all costs. A no is exactly that, a no. So do not dare go on against her will.
  4. Resist, defy and act. It is important in this generation to be clear about what we want to see because it is often very easy to know what we do not want but offering alternatives is difficult. Let us know what we want and ensure we push for it into reality, more action and less talking.
  5. Finally, let us be the change we want to see. Alternatives should be lived out, young mind sees – young mind does. Let us grow, learn and be that change in whatever small ways so that we personify that change we so urgently seeks.

Happy May Day, here is to more development!



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