Sleep and sleep some more

Today I woke up exhausted – Yes I did “sleep”. I did do whatever needs to be done to make sure I have a good nights rest. But of late, I have been exhausted and am not sure why I just cannot get some to sleep. It is such a frustration reality that am at a loss of what I need to do. But last night, I explored social media and realized that many people do not actually sleep and have the same challenge. These are young brilliant brothers and sisters who are struggling with getting some shut eye too. I guess our minds are just too busy trying to hustle and get life to balance so much we fail to sleep.

Here are some of the insights I had during my insomniac episode:

  1. Sharing is caring because sometimes we feel stuck in some place and yet there is plenty more people facing more or less the same sleep situation. Once we share our views and “truths”, we never know who we are talking to and they will be supported by that small action of sharing. So going our sleep-anonymous team. Inbox for details!
  2. Be the change you want to see in the world because none but ourselves will make a difference. If something always affects you – do something about it because when you do not take action, it may steal your sleep. Do not point fingers or blame or expect others to act. If it makes you uncomfortable, you are definitely the angel sent to transform that situation. So if where you sleep needs to be transformed, do exactly that – transform the place and change your life in many ways so eventually you sleep.
  3. Sleep is important because it is necessary for the body to recover. Yes, it may be a challenge to sleep but do whatever you can to get some sleep, take a shower, sing, read, massage – do whatever you need to so you get some sleep eye. When we do not sleep it affects our body in insane ways and also affects the way we show up in the world. I get cranky and irritable so I need sleep. Be observant of some of the challenges when you do not sleep. Get some ample sleep of between 6-10hours and tadaaa, the magic is done
  4. Watch what you eat as some foods have been known to keep you awake. My medical family encourage that we drink some warm milk and a dash of honey so we calm and sleep. It does work, I have tried it. Make sure you stay away from coffee or anything with it as it may keep you awake. Some even say stay away from caffeine 4 hours before sleep as its effects can be deadly to the insomniac
  5. Finally, break convention by taking time to sleep even when it is not bedtime. Sometimes, some may need to just sleep when the sleep comes because when you wait for night, you then cannot sleep. Institutions should transform this notion of assuming effectiveness is about being present at work and work with creatives within their sleep pattern. This may even help with creativity too.

That is my learning for today and I do hope that it inspires you to sleep some more! Sweet dreams and nighty night.


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