Question and refine your reality – woman!

Last night I had a conversation with my mother. She is a deeply religious woman whose prayers, guidance and love have been very useful to propel me to where I am today. However, that conversation got me thinking about the reality of women because she kept mentioning to me, “that is how things were created my child.” This made me question her and life even more. It also made me celebrate the women we are both becoming. Why are things the way they are? Women ought to be themselves and live life to the fullest. So it had me reflecting and here are my thoughts.

Women need to have fun – fearless and fierce fun. We ought to know that within each of us is a girl that is waiting to play. We should not let society and culture plus religion determine the people that we are. We define what fun means and we dig right in.

Why do we permit men to have two wives, three wives, girlfriends and all sorts. Is it possible that even women chose to do whatever they want with their bodies and we should all respond”so what?’. Imagine a world where women could have one, two, three, twenty partners and nobody cares. My point is, women should just say “to hell with it all” and define what they feel is good for them.

Children and balance are one of those rather hectic things. Being a mother myself, I struggle with balancing self care and caring for my kids. Recently my son witnessed me emphatically telling the taxi driver he has abused us by turning up late. He says I lose self control. I told him,  my son, I just speak passionately when am abused and am standing up for myself. Leading our children by example is good, but should we do that at the expense of our sanity? It is a clear and straight no from me.

I have also been grappling with wellness and fitness. It is rather hectic with all the things I need to remember and do for me and others. However, I have realized that as women, we tend to forget ourselves and only remember when we get ill. I have made a conscious decision to chose me first and love me so I understand what it means to love others. Woman, love they self and make it work for you, always!

Well, the last bit is that as women, we honestly should question what defines our lived relates. Let us refuse to just tag along with horrible notions that define us and influence our being the best versions of ourselves. By questioning and refusing to be defined, we learn, unlearn and fixate our energies on fixing a new narrative for ourselves and this is critical in living fulfilling lives. My mother by all means has become an even greater force to reconfirm with because i have, over the years, seen her grow in many amazing ways. she has defined her won happiness, and we too can do the same despite the struggles this brings. We excel with the struggles too.

Go for it sister!



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