Daughter of Africa

My life has never been an easy one

I am born into a family where boys define the carrying of a family name

When a boy child is born, they ululate and dance as if their legs would break

The hanging of heads signifies the birth of a girl child

Oh, motherland, but it is the very girl child who will grow to become

Your mother, your sister, your aunt, and your lover – she is perpetuating the motherland


Now today, we decide we celebrate the African Child.

A child is a child

They know not any sex

They could be female, male or decide to not gender comply

Why then do we judge them, why the hate?

We are all people of the motherland; we all are lovers of this Africa

Let us unite

Let su live peacefully along side each other


An education of a girl child, means educating a whole village

When I have to miss school because I have no sanitary wear

This doesn’t say a lot of positive realties for those who raise me

Those who lead in the echelons of power

Give me my education and let me lead

Allow me to access and control and define what my education should be

Let us share the power in my learning

Education is indeed a key to my having variety of informed choices


I am endowed with brains, beauty and a lifetime of brilliance

I am smart

I am capable

I am able

Do not look at my breasts and my beauty alone

I do have a brain in between these ears

Look at me as the equal I am

To transform the personal, private and public spaces

I am legend as you see


Each month, my uterus releases an egg

I have a vagina that is powerful

I have so much power with my reproductive organs

I can even decide not to utilize my reproductive organs

If I do humanity will suffer

Let us co-create together by letting me decide on what my body means to me

Let me be please

Adorning this body with clothes I so desire

I do not need you to police my body or my movements

Comprehensive sexual reproductive health and rights is what I urgently need


I can lead

I can make a difference

I have led homes and sustained the continent

In the face of struggle, I crumble and yet act

I am capable

I am able

Give me my financial freedom and liberty

No law should discriminate me

I can and I will make a difference economically

For me, my household and everything else


Today as we celebrate the day of the African Child,

I will not whimper or doodle

I will not wallow in my poverty

I decide to rise like the early morning sun

Demanding my rightful place on this continent

I demand to be the leader, mother, sister, and aunt, brilliant mind I am created to be

It is either you support me or move the hell out of the way and let me be

I am the daughter of Africa and am unstoppable

No matter how thing look or move




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