I have learnt

I have learnt that it’s not the amount of money I have

But what good that money can do for the rest of humanity and me as well

I have learnt that it is not about “looking” for money

But establishing a healthy and sustainable relationship with money

I have learnt that I could have all the money in the world and still be unhappy

It is about exploring what and me good I can place in value of my presence on earth!


I have learnt that it not the people who I know

But those who I can count on in times of trouble

I have learnt that its not every breath that counts

But what history is made with each breath

I have learnt that it is me being here, present, aligned and at peace that is

More important than chasing after dreams, hopes and passions


I have learnt that life is a journey sometimes its dry, hot, cold, humid

But what is important are the lessons I walk away with at every turn

I have learnt that nothing else matters but living in my purpose

Making a difference one life at a time, moment by moment

I have learnt you embrace the friends; learn form the pain of adversity

For that too is important to strengthen resilience!


I have learnt that life is about loving like there is no pain

But with that love comes beautiful memories and lessons

I have learnt that love is beautiful, magical, ecstatical

No matter the number of heartbreaks, I will love passionately

For I have learnt that love is a powerful force that transforms

A war can be stopped, a battle won and a heart totally revolutionized


I have learnt that life is fragile, I only have NOW

So I will live each second like it is the very last

I have learnt that it matters to be still and learn, grow and play

For I have surely learnt that when we procrastinate to live

We will wake up to the reality that yes, indeed this is it right now

So I have learnt to live with drive, focus and never ending hope


I have learnt that it matters not the opinions of others in many ways

What is important is that I live a mark in each life

I have learnt that they will surely remember what they felt

For feelings have a way of mapping our true reality

I have leant that its not the money, the love, the passion, dreams, past that

Determine and ultimately define who and what we become

It is how we live now that counts, creating a legacy

Make it count for you, future generations and me for you will learn!



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